Perlite Expansion Plants

Our specialists are engaged with the raw material perlite for more than 30 years. This prehistoric stone has won its importance for many things of our time during this time. In the building materials industry, deep-freeze insulation or agriculture, perlite has become an integral part of these applications.

We have moved in all of these business areas and often worked out new solutions in collaboration with the customer. Over the years, this has resulted in a portfolio of services ranging from individual components to turnkey plants for the production of Perlite.

Our aim is always to make the energy efficiency of our perlite plants as high as possible and continually to improve them. Not without reason our systems are considered the best and most effective in this sector.

The performance range of our burners lies between 650 KW – 2500 KW

The output of crude perlite is between 500 and 2500 kg per hour.

Upon request, we also make the planning and execution for the storage and removal of the Perlite.