Turbine Bag Filling Machines

Our turbine packers BFM-T cover automatic inline and rotary packing machines for filling products into valve-bags.


The product enters the turbine housing via feed hopper inside the support frame. Once a valve-bag is put on the fillig tube – either manually or by using an automatic bag application – the filling process will be started automatically. Although the slide system will be opened and the product will be filled into a valve-bag by the use of filling spout. In order to avoid the bag „falling down“ from the filling spout during the filling process, a bag holding cylinder and a corresponding bag holding rubber are used to fasten the bag. A vertical turbine impeller delivers the product from the turbine housing through the filling tube into the valve- bag. The filling process is extra supported with air by air vent in the turbine pot. After the desired bag weight is achieved, the weighing machine starts to tare. Therewith the slide system will be closed and the filling process will be finished.

Is used for products: cement, lime, lime hydrate, gipsum, flour.

Relevant are grain size and flow properties of packing material. Basically the following applies: the more fine grained the product and the better its flow properties, the more suitable is the turbine packer for the filling.

Recommended value: for the grain size from 0 to 4 mm a turbine packer should be used.


  • Number of filling modules: 1 to 12
  • Filling capacity per modul: up to 350 bags/hour (depending on product)
  • Bag packer filling capacity: 350 to 4.200 bags/hour (depending on product)
  • Products: fine grained, free-flowing, powder proucts
  • Product temperature: bis 85°C
  • Valve width: 9-13 cm
  • Bag lenght: 28-75 cm
  • Bag width: 28-51 cm