Palletizing Robot

We offer a comprehensive range of palletizing robots KUKA – for palletizing and depalletizing applications with payloads from 40 to 1,300 kilograms and reaches of up to 3,6 meters.

All our palletizing robots are specially designed for demanding palletizing and depalletizing tasks. The result is short cycle times and increased throughput combined with low space requirements and high cost-effectiveness.

They will give your business a lift.
The advantages of KUKA Palletizing robots.

Powerful: The palletizing robots from KUKA are among the fastest palletizers on the market – while also offering utmost precision and repeatability. With their streamlined, lightweight design, KUKA palletizing robots achieve greater dynamic performance, shorter cycle times and higher throughput.

Versatile: Our palletizing robots come with a wide range of different payload capacities, reaches and special variants, ensuring that you will always find the right solution, no matter how challenging the palletizing task. All interfaces and energy supply systems are designed for versatility.

Compact: The compact and streamlined design of all palletizing robots enables quick and easy integration into existing systems. Their low disruptive contours extend the effectively usable workspace and allow innovative cell concepts.

Minimal maintenance: All components of the palletizing robots are equipped with low-wear drive trains. Thanks to their advanced and robust design, they have extremely long maintenance intervals – with an availability of 99.995 percent and maximum energy efficiency.

We offer you all components for turnkey robotic packaging systems:

  • Palletizing robot
  • Universal gripper with multiple options
  • Empty pallet mazagin and automatic pallet feeder
  • Conveyor belts for pallets and products
  • Automatic pallet wrapper
  • Security systems (fences, photocells, warning lights and sensors)